Anti-Social Mommy Rant

I like to think I know better than to think that all these social media-mommy accounts you see online are overrated and overblown.

Everyone is so hellbent on making sure others see their life as flawless and “goals”. They make those of us who aren’t so “picture perfect” seem like we are unloving and uninvolved with our children, spouses, family, friends, etc. All because I would rather enjoy my life without a camera embedded in my retina, does


I could care less what my social media friends/followers think of my unglossed-meme-based Facebook account. My accounts are LOOSELY based on my life.

I mainly use my accounts to indirectly make passive aggressive statements to the people in my life. If I can relate to any posts, I share ’em.

If you friended my Facebook account to “creep” or keep tabs on my every day, you will be sorely disappointed in the lack of surveillance my account gives you.

Now this does not mean I never see or take an opportunity to snap a video or photo. I do. I just don’t think allowing strangers that much control of my life (or my children’s) is worth the time or effort.

This does not mean that I think parents that flaunt their lives on social media are bad or uninvolved. Quite the contrary. If you do, I credit you for your energy and effort in involving the rest of us. — and looking so fabulous in the process. But if you are posing or trying hard to look like perfection, we know you are trying. It is okay to be ugly like the rest of us sometimes.

I guess what I am saying is that I am insecure and I judge myself enough. I do not wanna involve the world in my the wrestling match that is my self-esteem.

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