Stop Giving My Toddler Your Phone

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I may receive some backlash and be in the minority when it comes to this… But, I hate when people willingly allow my toddler to play with their phone without my consent. There are so many reasons to not give a small child your phone that it almost seems silly that I have to address this, but here we go!

Toddlers break sh*t

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This one seems like it is almost too obvious to expand on. But since it doesn’t seem to phase most people, here we are…

We all know that unless your phone is military grade and in a crazy shockproof case, it is most likely extremely susceptible to breaking. It is arguable that phones today were barely built to last a 2-year lifespan (give or take), and I agree. But if you pay around $800 dollars for a phone and have the the compelling sense to hand it over to a toddler, do not come b*tching to me when he/she starts hulk-smashing it onto the nearest hard surface. Not only will I not pay for it, I will laugh at your idiocy.

Toddlers delete sh*t

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Don’t believe me? Tell that to my many apps that I had on my home-screen at one point. They. Are. Gone. Along with many pictures and notes saved to those apps. I learned the hard way, but it is my child and letting them play with my phone was my business and my choice as their parent. I now know better.

Toddlers find sh*t

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A lot of people think it is so cute and funny to pull up a song on Youtube and then hand over their phones to my toddler in hopes to see their reaction. They also tend to forget that once one video is over, another will begin. So after baby shark is done do-do-do-doing, my kid may be subjected to the following ‘fan-made’ video of Elmo poo-poo-pooing. Youtube is not for most adults, let alone small children.

BUT…if you so choose to ignore me and not heed my warning, in the case that my toddler runs away with your phone and returns or even sends someone your camera roll nudes, I won’t be sorry.

Toddlers throw fits

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While you are so willing to hand over your phones to my kid, you forget that my child will have that same expectations when they see my phone hanging out of my pocket or purse. I work very hard to make sure that my child knows that my phone is off limits, and do my best to only Facebook scroll or check emails when I have private time (or know that my child is too occupied to notice).

So, if you are choosing to knowingly undermine me, I am most likely cursing your current existence. Why? Because you just set back any progress I have made when teaching the meaning of the word, “no”. You also put my child’s inner fit-throwing mechanism into place when I or anyone else refuses to let them use their mobile device in the future.

It may be your phone, but it is my child…

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If I do not want my child playing on phones, it is my choice as a parent. As a parent, there is always something that someone will choose to do that drives you bonkers, so be considerate. I allow my kids to watch television and that is all the screen time I deem to be appropriate at that age. Phones and other devices will inevitably be a part of their future, and I like allowing my child to live the simple life for as long as time will allow.


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