Saying Goodbye: A Dog Owner’s Poem

Image: Unknown

The doors slid open,

so I walked on back.

Collars and treats aligned every rack.

Walked further on,

then there you were .

You were frail and weak,

of bones and fur.

When someone would reach,

you’d cower in fear.

Soon was only me you would you let near.

I agreed you were special,

you deserved a chance.

Who else would give you that second glance?

We developed a trust,

it was just you and me.

A relationship blossomed so sufficiently.

Never to betray,

you were woman’s best friend.

Years that brought us closer,

but also to an end.

A once loyal soul,

now suffers from time.

This choice is for you,

but yet it is mine.

I will cherish the memories,

they are all i’ll have left .

Though my heart will be broken, alone, and bereft.


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