Things I Am Sick Of Doing As A Parent


If you are like me – human – you only have so much patience for certain things as a parent. There are just certain things that have been driving me batsh*t crazy lately that I just need to get off of my chest!

Reminding others to partake in my child’s life

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This is NOT my damn job! If you want to give me crap about never seeing your grandchild, niece, nephew, cousin, etc. Then your a** better be working with me trying to set things up and making plans! I am so tired of being told that I do not let anyone see my child, when no one ever bothers to reach out!

Being told that I am parenting wrong

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I love my babies and will do ANYTHING for them. I, as the parent, know how my children are as individuals. Versus others, who are only around them for a few minutes of their lives. So, I am positive that my instincts of what is best, are probably a hell of a lot better than yours. Unless you are the other half of the reason they they came into this world, then how I choose to raise my child is none of your damn business! Period.

If I choose to: put my kids in daycare or stay home with them, breastfeed or bottle feed, feed organic or affordable, use timeouts or spankings, circumcise or unalter, pierce ears or wait – it is MY decision as a parent! The only time any of these choices should involve another individual, is if I deem it necessary to bring them into those decisions.


You raise your babies, and I will raise mine. Your focus and energy of nosing into my business is wasted while somewhere in the world, there are children who are actually going hungry, being abused, and/or neglected!

Feeling like I have to impress others

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I am a mom… So, odds that I have any extra effort to impress others and makes sure that they are happy, are very slim. If I have time for myself, I take advantage of that time. I try to use it to catch up on things I wasn’t able to accomplish otherwise – showering, cleaning, errands, etc… The rest of the time I have for myself -if I have any- is spent missing my children and anticipating spending my time with them again.

Do you see how maybe that implies that I have no time to tend to your feelings towards me? I impress myself when I get my own sh*t done, I don’t have time to worry about impressing others!

Being judged by people who do not have kids

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This one is very simple: No kids? No opinion! I cannot stress how ignorant I was as an individual towards others before I had any kids of my own. My outlook on parenting has been completely altered by motherhood.

Looking back, I actually feel bad for how easy it was to judge others who actually had kids, while I had none. I able and willing to admit, I was very wrong at the time! It is easy to judge something that you can only see one side of. So, take that into deep consideration before you open your mouth to either give sass or unsolicited advice to an actual parent.

Being pressured into having more kids

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I am not a baby-making machine! I love that people are so open to complimenting my children on their looks and behavior… However, I am so over people telling me;

“You can’t just have “__” kid(s), you need “__” more!”


“You guys make such cute babies, when are you guys gonna have more?”

The answer is usually simple and too rude to project out-loud – NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS!

When and if my husband and I decided that the time is right, we will let others know when we feel that it is appropriate!


The list of things to add to this list is subject to change with the day I am having and people in it. Feel free to add to the list by commenting or sending me a private suggestion!


***May the force be with you!***

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